HEYDT, Swing (2020)

Paper, 30" x 20"

Swing presents an abstract proposition for a world on the periphery of history, one that not only haunted by the ghosts of its past mistakes, but built on it. A proverbial nod to the notion that the earth is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from our children, it resistance to a singular aesthetic response goes beyond the work’s disciplinary transgressions. The layering of imagery conflates time and place and disrupting logical relationships between occurrences, illustrating that harm here is harm there. Through presenting multiple series within a singular iteration, work endeavors to expand frames of reference, shiftings ways of seeing and engaging with the existential complexities intrinsic to our time. The interaction between places overrides the deterministic friction buttressing the decay of its spatial dependency. Everything is interconnected in a multivariate interpolation that cuts across genetics, generations, geography, galaxies. Combining images of destruction with portrayals of the virtues born from the American dream, Heydt confronts its disillusionment with the ecological and existential nightmare it is responsible for.


Jan 27 - Apr 21 PARTNER
The Glass Heart
London, United Kingdom