The artist as an environmentalist

The Climate Art Collection is a Berlin based association that publishes and curates climate and nature related artworks. Our aim is to make climate change and its associated impacts accessible and approachable to a global audience, as well as to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Contrary to traditional art collections acquiring & owning artworks exclusively, artists give us the rights to curate their artworks for the cause of climate awareness, whereas the artwork ownership & rights stay solely at the artist.

Climate change is here and it is real. We are constantly confronted with it, avoiding it is no longer possible. Extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, forest fires, infertile soils, melting permafrost or ocean warming - there are countless other, no less dramatic examples. Let's face it, in the long run we are not only destroying our own existence, but also that of millions of other living beings.

„If anything, art is... about morals, about our belief in humanity. Without that, there simply is no art.”

Art is a very powerful medium with which experiences, events and feelings can be expressed and visualized. We are convinced that art addressing climate topics does not yet receive enough attention. Therefore, we make it our task to use this medium in order to spread a collective message in the world: artists as environmentalist.

The initiative aims to be inclusive towards all kinds of artists and art formats, everyone is welcome to participate. We invite practitioners to contribute their own works through our digital submission channel. Selected artworks and the platform itself are constantly curated for external projects and campaigns.

LOVE from Berlin & beyond


Climate Art Collection
Gerichtstr. 24, 13347
Berlin, Germany

1st Chairman: Milan Kroehl
2nd Chairman: Alexander Doudkin


Climate Art Collection
Gerichtstr. 24, 13347 Berlin, Germany