conFRONTation - A storefront exhibition in Berlin Mitte


SHOWZ Berlin

Torstraße 207, 10115 Berlin


Sept 26, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

In the context of city storefronts and the public space, ConFRONTation shows insights into the work of international artists who deal centrally with the topic of climate change in their works and are part of the Climate Art Collection. The exhibition series presents one original work every three weeks, as well as a selection additional works in the form of a digital collection.

Ronald Anzenberger | Vida Pavesich | Adam Sébire | Pauline Galiana | Elham Angell | Geraldo Zamproni

About the Climate Art Collection
The Climate Art Collection is a non-profit initiative based in Berlin that collects, communicates and exhibits artworks on the topic of climate change on a global scale. Our goal is to make climate change and the associated effects perceptible and tangible through art.