Is the coffee too hot already?! - A micro exhibition in Berlin Wedding


Il Milanese del Tacco

Stettiner Str. 63, 13357 Berlin


2023-09-01 until 2023-09-11

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The Climate Art Collection is organizing a micro-exhibition in collaboration with Berlin's best barista, Filippo Tritto. Both Tritto and Ian van Coller, a photographer participating with his works in the Collection, capture 'anthroposcenes'—natural environments influenced by humans. This micro-exhibition will showcase their photographs, complemented by an opening performance from Hartmut Fischer.

Opening Performance: Sept 1, 3PM

Represented artists out of the Climate Art Collection
Ian van Coller | Filippo Tritto | Hartmut Fischer

About the Climate Art Collection
The Climate Art Collection is an international non-profit that curates, collects and mediates climate-change related artworks on a global scale. Our goal is to make climate change and the associated effects perceptible and tangible through art.

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